Innovating the Web Experience with Performance

  • How Netlify is Leading the Innovation of Modern Web Technology?

    On Netlify, any HTML form can instantly accept submissions—no backend code or infrastructure required. As soon as your form is deployed, you start seeing submissions appear in your Netlify dashboard. Netlify Forms Add a simple attribute. Netlify does the rest. Manage forms and submissions without any server-side code or JavaScript.Gather responses from any form. Nothing to wire up. Just instant data in your dashboard.

  • Classless CSS to Jaffna CSS Architecture

    Jaffna CSS is a classless CSS framework embracing the traditions of the great King Pandara Vanniyan prior to repeated european colonization of Ceylon in 17th century. The framework expands on the movement of classless revolution to make tech more advanced and accessible to everyone. Jaffna CSS was created out of necessity to assist aspiring developers in the front-end web ecosystem.

  • Embracing the Jamstack Technology at Netlify

    All sites on Netlify are prebuilt for performance and deployed directly to global edge network —without requiring to manage, scale, or patch any web servers. This enables a revolutionary new architecture called the Jamstack, designed to make the web faster—and to support the new tools and workflows used in modern web development. Netlify, a new approach to faster, more secure websites.

  • Benefits of ChatGPT to People and Businesses

    ChatGPT is an AI-powered text-based artificial intelligence tool that promises to revolutionize the way businesses operate. It is capable of automating repetitive tasks, improving customer satisfaction and engagement, increasing user experience, and more. By utilizing machine learning technology, ChatGPT has the potential to save businesses billions of dollars in potential benefits.

  • Why Should Web Developers Adapt to Variable Fonts?

    Variable fonts are an evolution of the OpenType font specification that enables many different variations of a typeface to be incorporated into a single file, rather than having a separate font file for every width, weight, or style. They let you access all the variations contained in a given font file via CSS and a single @font-face reference. In the past, a typeface would be produced as several individual fonts, and each font would represent one specific width/weight/style combination.

  • Preparing for the Future of Core Web Technology

    Jamstack is an architectural approach that decouples the web experience layer from data and business logic, improving flexibility, scalability, performance, and maintainability. Jamstack removes the need for business logic to dictate the web experience. It enables a composable architecture for the web where custom logic and 3rd party services are consumed through APIs.