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Our Approach to Jamstack on the Web

Jamstack Technology

Digital Designers is an innovative tech company located in Toronto. We provide advanced web design services to people and businesses across the industry from 1k startup to 50k businesses. We innovate the digital space for everyone across the industry.

Universal Architecture

Our organizational structure is unique to our business operations. All of our Digital Designers are freelance professionals. The combined expertise of creative professionalism enables us to be the leading disrupter in tech industry. That means, we deploy future technology.

Open Source Structure

In the rapidly evolving tech space, we remain committed to open source principles and Jamstack architectures. Since we revolutionize the cloud space by default, our business operates in parallel with the businesses of our clients. We are not only service providers; but also business partners.

Authentic Principles

All of our creative work, ranging from design, to photography, to coding websites, are part of our original work. For portfolio websites, we do not just use templates, plugins or any form of prebuilt layouts. We develop our own artwork and professional images from the ground up. We treat the projects of our clients just like our own. And, we let our clients evaluate our work every step of the way to the final product.

Secure Platform

There are reasons why we have this philosophy. Every business deserves a unique identity and Google penalizes duplicate contents anyways. We charge for our services for a reason, too. Free sources come with strings attached such as use limitations, area restrictions, and even litigations. On the outs, customers notice when a business is original. Authenticity brings trust, long term relationships, and helps business grow.

Local Community

Digital Design ninjas are devoted citizens of the Toronto, Ontario and active members of labour unions across Canada. From planning the project to finishing the task at hand, we strive to practice what we preach at all times. In our humble opinion, all businesses that fairly distribute surplus value of labour are our ideal business partners.

If you find yourself sharing our principles, we would like to hear from you. Market may be saturated but we often find ourselves lonely at the top. Do not hesitate to reach out to us. From client service to Jamstack engineers, all of our Digital Design ninjas are friendly and do not bite.