Studies of Architecture

  • Netlify & Vercel Competing for Jamstack Market

    Netlify and Vercel are serverless deployment platforms for web applications, both designed to allow you to deploy as quickly and easily as possible. Both have very similar feature sets, so which one should you use? The core feature set of both Netlify and Vercel is the build + Edge stack. Essentially, you trigger a build step either by using Git or uploading manually.

  • What Makes Eleventy Different From Other Static Site Generators?

    Eleventy is exceptionally fast both during builds and in the browser. This is largely thanks to not requiring the loading of a client-side JavaScript bundle in order to serve content (compared to something like Gatsby). Server-side rendering isn’t even a concern here, since the filesystem page creation defaults to static HTML.

  • Embracing the Jamstack Technology at Netlify

    All sites on Netlify are prebuilt for performance and deployed directly to global edge network —without requiring to manage, scale, or patch any web servers. This enables a revolutionary new architecture called the Jamstack, designed to make the web faster—and to support the new tools and workflows used in modern web development. Netlify, a new approach to faster, more secure websites.