Studies of Applications

  • Headless CMS Integration with Jamstack Applications

    A headless CMS is a content management system that is decoupled from the work of returning and managing the views and page templates to the site's visitors. Unlike a traditional or ‘coupled’ architecture (where the backend is deeply integrated with the frontend) in a headless CMS, frontend and backend are completely separate systems.

  • Common Types of Software Licensing Models

    A license model is a combination of various parameters that define how software can be used by a customer. License models map different license attributes into logical groups, which define how a protected application is to be deployed and used. These attributes are generically defined properties (including name, data type, and possible range) making up a license.

  • Modern Tools for Building Jamstack Website

    JAMstack applications are often built on top of client-side JavaScript, meaning you don’t need server-side languages like Ruby and Python. That doesn’t mean you can’t use them—if your application needs server-side rendering or heavy lifting, it’s just as easy to implement those tools in a JAMstack app as it is in any other. Here are some popular tools for building your website.