Classless CSS to Jaffna CSS Architecture

Published: Opensource

Jaffna CSS is a classless CSS framework embracing the traditions of the great King Pandara Vanniyan prior to repeated european colonization of Ceylon in 17th century. The framework expands on the movement of classless revolution to make tech more advanced and accessible to everyone. Jaffna CSS was created out of necessity to assist aspiring developers in the front-end web ecosystem.

What Makes Jaffna CSS Architecture future-proof?

There is a significant gap between classless CSS such as SimpleCSS and full of class CSS such as Bootstrap or sophisticated Foundation, while excluding famous Tailwind appetite without discussion. Jaffna CSS elegantly fills the space with some classes needed to design the complete static website.

What is the meaning of the name Jaffna?

The name Jaffna refers to the capital city of Eelam Tamil people in Sri Lanka. Jaffna was the most advanced international trading hub thousands of years ago in South Asia, prior to european colonization of the British Island.

Is there any historical significance of Tamils?

As one of the most advanced civilization in Asia, Tamil people are indigenous people of South India. Even after repeat colonial exploitation and genocidal war that consumed millions of innocent lives, resilient Tamil people continue to live and rebuild Jaffna.

How does the history of Tamil help others?

Gracefully, the social, economical and scientific advancement of ancient Tamil people continue benefit global civilization in many ways. Tamil people truly embrace justice, equality and spiritual sharing of universal space in harmony with nature for the benefit of humanity.

Who is Pandara Vanniyan?

The great King Pandara Vanniyan in 17th century prior to european colonization. The last standing Tamil king who died in the battle to defend Island from colonial exploitation.

Alright, where do I start?

To get started, simply fork or download the assets into your favorite code editor and then start making changes as you for your project requirement. Please note that all files are SCSS format; which are to be automatically converted to CSS during production build. It can also be converted manually using any preferred method. Link to the repository, Git Repo.

How do I provide feedback?

The code is written to be self explanatory. Please read chronologically for easier interpretation. If you like Jaffna CSS, please share with everyone. For any issues, please let us know at Digital Designers.