How Netlify is Leading the Innovation of Modern Web Technology?

Published: Automation

On Netlify, any HTML form can instantly accept submissions—no backend code or infrastructure required. As soon as your form is deployed, you start seeing submissions appear in your Netlify dashboard. Netlify Forms Add a simple attribute. Netlify does the rest. Manage forms and submissions without any server-side code or JavaScript.Gather responses from any form. Nothing to wire up. Just instant data in your dashboard.

How Netlify Forms work?

So simple to setup, it almost appears to be magic.

Just add the netlify attribute to any form and everything gets wired up automatically. Our bots find your forms by inspecting the HTML of your site before its published.

Features that take forms further

Get notifications, trigger actions, and filter spam. Yup, again it’s all automatic.

Be notified of every new submission

As the submissions roll in, Netlify can provide notification via email, Slack, or webhooks.

View & Manage Responses

Netlify carefully collects every form submission in your dashboard where you can view, manage, and export the data.

Integrate with hundreds of services

Using our Zapier integration, you can connect Netlify Forms to over 1,000 other applications. Create Zendesk tickets, add Mailchimp subscribers, or add submissions to a Google spreadsheet. The possibilities are endless.

Spam filtering is built in

Remove the clutter of junk submissions with built-in spam filtering from Akismet.

JavaScript not required (but well supported)

While JavaScript is never required for Netlify Forms, you can use JavaScript to submit forms with AJAX/XHR if you’d like. That makes Netlify Forms a great companion to sites powered by Vue, React, or other modern frameworks.

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