Frequently Asked Questions

What is a portfolio website?

A showcase of a brand or business without storing customer information online. Best recommended for small businesses and freelance professionals.

How long would you take to complete my website?

Our standard websites are completed within seven (7) days from the date of order. However, websites with complex elements and features can take up to four (4) weeks.

Do you build WordPress websites?

No, we heard too many horror stories. We only build custom websites that are reliable and dependable with minimum guaranteed performance.

I need the website urgently. Can you develop quickly?

Of course, we can complete your standard website within 48 hours at an additional cost.

Will you make my website mobile friendly?

Of course, all of our websites are responsive by default.

My website is broken. Can you fix it?

No, most times debugging an error in programming may cost more than implementing a new one. Afterall, solving one problem does not factor in all potential conflicts.

Can I update my website?

Yes, we provide all the tools. However, all of our websites are custom built and requires some programming knowledge to update.

Would you charge to update my website contents?

Yes, because updating or modification of a completed website require additional labour. We have to fairly compensate our designers/ developers.

What if my loose my website from the cloud?

We recommend you to keep a backup of your website offline. However, we do not charge extra to provide a emergency backup. Please let us know in advance.

What happens when new web technology requires changes to my current website?

All of our designs and developments are contructed using present technology. It is impossible for us to look into the future of web technology. Should any of our clients require such an update, we will offer additional service at the lowest cost.

Can you create a custom website if I give you my design?

Of course, we ask for wireframe of your design/ idea in PDF/ JPG/ PNG format for evaluation. That could also be screenshots of your preferred websites. Remember to include mobile, tablet and desktop versions.

Do you provide search engine optimizations (SEO)?

Yes, all of our websites are built with structural SEO by default.

Do you build ecommerce website?

No, we do not recommend ecommerce websites for small businesses. That is a slippery slope in our opinion.

What if something goes wrong with my website?

Just contact us for assistance as soon as possible. We will be happy to investigate that for you.

Can you host my website?

Yes, we provide complete services for all of our 360 projects where we design, develop and manage respectively.

Do you charge for hosting my website?

No, most of our websites qualify for free hosting. However, should your website require dedicated hosting, we will let you know.

Can you help me research my business plans?

Of course, we can allocate a consultation session. Minimum 2 hours required at $50.00/ hr.

Can you price match?

No, when it comes to creative projects, most works are manual labour. It is impossible to compare the work of two different creators.

Will you maintain my website?

Of course, we do not charge for maintenance as long as the website is hosted with us.

Can I place the order online?

Yes, as long as we have all your contents, signed contract and deposit, we would have no problem completing the project.

Is my website safe?

Absolutely yes, that is one of the reasons why we do not provide content management system (CMS) website for our clients

What is the difference between maintenance and update?

Maintenance is about proper operations of a website; while, updating is about adding or removing content of a website

How do we make payment?

We only accept e-transfer at this time.

When should I make the payment?

We accept your deposit when you sign the contract. The deposit is 50 percent of the total billing amount. We start the work immediately after receiving the payment.

Who writes the content?

You are the expert on your business, so it’s usually best if it comes from you. If you need help, we have a copywriter on our team who can help clean up or write original content for you at an additional cost.

What are my responsibilities?

All texts, images and graphics along with your domain/hosting information; meanwhile, we are responsible for the design, development and operations of your website.

Where should I host my website?

We advise our clients to choose reputable hosting providers. We do not recommend reseller hosting services or any middle man services which can compromise your business operations.

Have you built a website for business like mine?

We built many websites over the years. There is a good chance we may have; however, we have all the tools and resources to bring your dream to reality.

What do you know about my business?

We may not know everything but we are experts in our roles. We do not undertake any projects unless we have all the tools to implement your business requirements.

Do you contract out any work?

No, we do not contract out any portion of our work. We are the sole creators. We put that in writing.

Do you recommend .com or .ca?

We are proud Canadians. We only recommend .ca domains for Canadian businesses but of course that is your discretion.

Who would you recommend for ecommerce website?

There are good number of local agencies in the market today depending on your location. We recommend A Nerd's World ( for all large scale websites in the heart of Toronto.

How can I protect my website?

Always choose a reputable hosting provider. Make sure your web design company is a local agency. Seek professional help whenever possible.

I am skeptical about the whole web design industry. How can I trust you?

We cannot change your past experience but we assure that will not happen with us. We are passionate about design work and every website we create comes with our signature.

Can I cancel the project?

Of course, no penalty whatsoever should we have not started the work.

Do you offer refunds?

Of course, no hassle. You will only be billed for the work completed at the rate of $50.00/hr at 30 minutes increments

I am on a strict budget. Do you have any cheaper options?

We understand that not everyone has the budget for custom websites; which can be a big investment. Hence, we encourage clients to use free website builders until such requirement for a professionally developed website.

What you think of Squarespace, Wix and other website builders?

They are great resources for beginners but not ideal for professionals. The ease of use and low monthly payments may be attractive but can become expensive in the long run. On top of that, most professionals may not have the luxury of time to wait in the queue for assistance.

Which free website service is good for me?

We would discourage you from going that route but if you insist; there are several in the market these days. It is hard to recommend one over other; all depends on your preference. For beginners, social media pages such as facebook would be a better option.

How can a web design company offer websites for free?

We wish more people would ask that question. Every business have some form of marketing scheme. Our business model is simple and straight to the point.

I know how to build a website but I need some help?

Of course, we can schedule a session to help you at our consultation rate of $50.00/hr. Minimum 2 hours required.

What are your priorities when you develop a website?

Performance and efficiency are the backbone of all websites we create. Since businesses have overhead expenses, our goal is to keep the operating expense at minimum so you can succeed.

I want beautiful website with all the latest features. Can you make it?

Of course, but we help clients understand the importance of performance and efficiency. For an example, amazon is not the prettiest website but reliablity and performance earn the trust of visitors.

Can you build a website to beat my competitors?

Of course, but best-looking website does not translate into best thriving business. Most adaptable business structure with great customer service will always stand out in the crowd. A perfect example is Digital Designers.

What are your performance guarantees?

Average loading speed of 2 seconds or less and performance score of 90 percent or higher. We use GTmetrix and Pingdom Tools to evaluate the performance.

How would you describe Digital Designers in the tech industry?

We are young innovators. We are like the Amazon in the book business; Ubers in the taxi business; Apple in the computer business; or Tesla in the car business. We are not the first to the industry but best at we do.

Why should you choose Digital Designers?

We are capable of providing variety of business development services on top of website designs. Secondly, we are the first web design company to offer minimum performance guarantee under all circumstances. Thirdly, we provide free maintenance for all portfolio websites hosted with us. Lastly, we utilize advanced technology to ensure all of our websites are working at the maximum efficiency.